Medical Education Fees and Affordable Tuition

The affordable tution rates and payment plans at Jullian's Health Education Academy in Ruckersville, Virginia, allows you  to begin a new career without the burden of financial stress. We offer affordable payment plans that the students help design as well as low-cost tuition rates. We never charge an application fee. We do not participate in online registration because we want you to see where you will attend class.We are also an in-facility test center, meaning you will take your state board exam in the same building where you attended class. Give us a call to see if you qualify for financial assistance.


Tuition costs for Certified Nurse Aide (CNA) is $575 and will include: criminal background check, PPD,  the lending of your textbook and practice equipment.  You can choose to pay the entire amount at the time of registration and take $100.00 off of the cost of your tuition. {CNA classes only) The other choice is to pay a $200.00 deposit at the time of registration and help to design your payment plan. A $200 deposit will reserve you a seat in the class of your choice pending availablity. 

Tuituin Costs for Medication Aide is $400.00 and will include: criminal background check, and all required course text per VA State Board of Nursing. If you pay up front at the time of registration  you can take $100.00 off the cost of your tuition. The other option is to pay $200.00 at the time of registration and pay the remaining balance by helping to design your payment plan. (Tuition must be paid prior to the end of the class)

Tuition Costs for Patient Care Attendant (PCA) is $75 plus an additional $15 for your criminal background check.

We also accept payment from the Virginia Department Social Services(DSS), and we are also a vendor for the Virginia Workforce. We also accept payment from the Department of Aging and Rehabilitation Services (DARS). We are an equal employment opportunity provider. We do not discriminate based on race, age, sex, religious affiliation, disability, or marriage. We are approved by the Virginia State Board of Nursing and Virginia Department of Medical Assistance (DMAS).

Upcoming Course Schedules for 2018

 Day CNA Class:   Dec21.2018 thru Feb  5,  Mon thru Fri 8am until 4pm


Medication Aide lasses: 

Day Med Class: This particular class can be taken in combination with PCA class that is scheduled to start Feb 7, 2019 or it can be taken by those who already hav etheir PCA or CNA certificates of completion

Medication Class:Feb 14, 2019 thru Feb. 27. 20198am til 4pm Mon thru Fri

 Patient Care Assistant:

PCA Classes:

Medical Education

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